Why HAWAR a song festival ?

“Hawar Mountain”, is one of the mountains that form the heights of Jabal Al-Akrad, and on its summit there are the remains of a fortress that is part of the history of the “Afrin” region. “Hawar Mountain” has a large and distinguished presence in the history of the region and in the memory of its people, to the extent that many traditional artists of the region have touched in their traditional and epic songs to the mountain because of its distinctive presence in their lives. She lives, she is a guide to pride and sublimity, and on the top of this mountain is the majestic fortress of “Jabal Hawar” hundreds of years ago.

The mountain is covered with dense forest trees of hawthorn, oak, oak and others, which made it a safe haven for the Mujahideen and the revolutionaries.

The name, known in its current form, “Hewar”, which is circulating among the people of the region, means in the Kurdish language help, a request for relief and a warning of danger.

Jabal Hawar and its castle were a safe haven for the members of the Imkan clan during the invasions and tribulations. The “Amkan” clan is one of the oldest Kurdish clans in the “Jabal al-Akrad” region, which inhabited and settled “Jabal Hawar” and the villages on its outskirts, in addition to some other villages scattered throughout the “Jabal al-Akrad” region.


A glimpse of the Hawar Festival

With the launch of the Autonomous Administration and the formation of bodies in Afrin canton, including the Culture Authority, the search for cultural and artistic methods began to introduce the nation’s partners to the culture of a people who kept living forbidden in culture, art, language, and….. One of these steps was the launch of festivals.

In 2015 the Culture Authority – Afrin Canton launched (Hawar Heritage Song Festival) to start the process of research and documentation of the song in the villages of Jiay Kurming under the slogan “Culture is in every home”. Hawar under the slogan
“Buharek Nû” The festival was a way for many voices to appear on the art scene.

The festival was launched for two consecutive years 2015-2016 and then stopped due to the exposure of the region to the Turkish invasion and armed Syrian factions.

Hawar Gallery

Conditions of participation in Hawar 2021

HAWAR 2021

  •  Age between (15-35)
  • Not a member of the Culture and Art Movement and the Golden Crescent.
  • He did not participate in the previous seasons of the festival.